Dear Customer,

Thank you for your support in Jego APP.

In order to further improve Jego voice services, Jego APP has fully upgraded version to Jegotrip APP (Chinese name:“无忧行”), and will continue to provide the original Jego voice and receiving SMS services. Jegotrip APP will also provide overseas internet access, local entertainment offers, translation services and other useful travel tools. Only Chinese version of Jegotrip APP is provided currently. Please go to App Store or Android market to search “无忧行" and download Jegotrip APP to explore more of our amazing services! Or you can directly download here

At the same time, please be informed that the portal login, recharge of Jego credits , purchase of Jego plans and other functions in Jego APP and Jego website will also be terminated after one-month announcement period (May 11, 2018 - June 10, 2018), while Jegotrip APP will continue to provide the related voice services.

If there are still Jego credits in your Jego account, we would automatically add the calling minutes in your Jegotrip account as compensation after Jegotrip account is created and the voice service is successfully activated in Jegotrip APP. If it is verified that you have not completed the registration of the Jego trip APP after June 10, 2018, and there is still Jego credits in your Jego account, Jegotrip will automatically generate an account for you and convert the original Jego balance into calling minutes in your Jegotrip account.

We hope to see you in Jegotrip APP soon. If you have any questions, please call the 24-hour customer service hotline: +86 13800100186 or contact us via e-mail ( ) for further supporting.

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